Jane Frost

I Can’t Contain Myself Jane Frost works as a textile and environmental artist in a wide variety of settings and communities. Jane always uses found or adapted materials in preference to new, for works that are placed in the landscape or in galleries. Her work is made in conversation with people and places, for installations […]

Ann Froshaug

I work in a variety of mediums, drawing, painting and making ceramics.  I combine experiment and self discipline in using different materials and work intuitively exploring my visual response to life around me. I have to care about what I am making to give it life. I range between wanting to make art which is […]

Caroline Forward

Oil Painter I paint people and places, inspired by my travels both at home and abroad.  Glimpses of memory, suggestions of experiences, semi-abstract creations using cold wax medium and oil paints, to draw the viewer in to find their own interpretations or memories. My work is exploratory, searching to express what it is that has […]

Amanda Earlam

Place Life Colour A colour-addicted and constantly learning artist who enjoys painting and drawing most. I have taken the name Place Life Colour for my Instagram page and my website: Place: I get fascinated by the specific atmosphere of a place. For example the bustling and very uncorporate feel of Essaouira. Life: This could be […]

Sally Wrigglesworth

I graduated in Fine Art Sculpture from Maidstone College of Art in 1979, and moved to London that same year, working out of Wapping Warehouse studios. I have always made single solitary figures, without narrative, and as far as possible without obvious gender or particular race – the better to explore the universal nature of […]

Norman Webber

By profession I am an Architect, an RIBA member, and have been a partner or principal in practice since the late 1980s.  Now semi-retired I have returned to skills and interests long dormant or under used. I joined OuseLife in 2015 following a move to Ely and especially enjoy the discipline of regular life drawing […]

Diana Watts

I studied Ceramics at Camberwell School in the early 1980’s. While the focus of my studies was Pottery I also studied photography and life drawing. I have always had a passion for the human form which often features in my work. My recent work is inspired by my many travels. Many cultures express themselves through […]

Gail Stephens

I draw and paint to relax from my full time career in Physiotherapy.  I enjoy exploring colour using pastels, acrylic and oil paint and love drawing the human form and nature. The act of drawing and painting is highly therapeutic and I can become completely immersed and focussed in my work.  Get in touch Instagram

Andy Scordellis

I studied Foundation and Graphics at Croydon and Wimbledon in the seventies. Being a fan of comic books, most of my projects wound up looking like comics.  I briefly worked freelance, before becoming a restaurateur for over twenty years. I sold up, moved to Norfolk, and began drawing again. Starting with flowers and wheelbarrows, I […]