Norman Webber

By profession I am an Architect, an RIBA member, and have been a partner or principal in practice since the late 1980s.  Now semi-retired I have returned to skills and interests long dormant or under used. I joined OuseLife in 2015 following a move to Ely and especially enjoy the discipline of regular life drawing […]

Diana Watts

I studied Ceramics at Camberwell School in the early 1980’s. While the focus of my studies was Pottery I also studied photography and life drawing. I have always had a passion for the human form which often features in my work. My recent work is inspired by my many travels. Many cultures express themselves through […]

Gail Stephens

I draw and paint to relax from my full time career in Physiotherapy.  I enjoy exploring colour using pastels, acrylic and oil paint and love drawing the human form and nature. The act of drawing and painting is highly therapeutic and I can become completely immersed and focussed in my work.  Get in touch Instagram

Andy Scordellis

I studied Foundation and Graphics at Croydon and Wimbledon in the seventies. Being a fan of comic books, most of my projects wound up looking like comics.  I briefly worked freelance, before becoming a restaurateur for over twenty years. I sold up, moved to Norfolk, and began drawing again. Starting with flowers and wheelbarrows, I […]