Cary Outis

I am a painter and sculptor with many years’ of exhibitions, workshops and classes under my belt, mainly in East Anglia, where I’ve lived for the last 30 years. Get in touch Envelope Laptop

Anna Osborne

The Speculating Rook Following a training in ceramics Anna’s interest in textiles became a full time occupation when she discovered it was possible to use the sewing machine as a drawing tool. Using combinations of old and new fabric Anna makes illustrated cushions, bags, light shades and foot stools. Free machine embroidery is used together […]

Ken Murray

B.A. hons and PGCAE from Birmingham Polytechnic. I successfully taught Art and Design in various parts of the country until my retirement in 2016. I have been rediscovering my love of playing with and experimenting in various genres and materials. My work is predominantly figurative and I am fascinated by light and movement, no surprise […]

Rick Gordon

I have always loved drawing people: I started as a child and never really stopped. Comic books were my first love, and opened the way to various other fine arts disciplines, but I really just enjoy the challenge (and occasional success) in capturing the likeness of the human form with some degree of verisimilitude. Pencil […]

Ann Froshaug

I work in a variety of mediums, drawing, painting and making ceramics.  I combine experiment and self discipline in using different materials and work intuitively exploring my visual response to life around me. I have to care about what I am making to give it life. I range between wanting to make art which is […]

Caroline Forward

Oil Painter I paint people and places, inspired by my travels both at home and abroad.  Glimpses of memory, suggestions of experiences, semi-abstract creations using cold wax medium and oil paints, to draw the viewer in to find their own interpretations or memories. My work is exploratory, searching to express what it is that has […]

Nicola Bramley

As an artist and zoologist fascinated by the natural world, the starting point for any of my pictures has always been field observation. Using drawing, painting and printmaking I record the world around me.  I love wildlife picture making and living on the edge of Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, I am always surrounded by a rich […]

Steven Bramble

I am a painter, printmaker and the creator of a company of unemployed puppets. I was an early member of OuseLife and I live in Devon.  The portrait of the writer E.T. A. Hoffmann was one of twenty paintings I made for ‘German Dreams and Dreamers’, an exhibition sponsored by the University of Exeter in […]

Kimberley Allen

I am a working artist based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Having trained as a Fine Art painter, I specialise in oil painting, as well as producing drawings and illustrations from life. I am interested in developing new perspectives on traditional subject matter such as the figure, architecture and nature. My recently exhibited work includes oil paintings […]

Amanda Earlam

Place Life Colour A colour-addicted and constantly learning artist who enjoys painting and drawing most. I have taken the name Place Life Colour for my Instagram page and my website: Place: I get fascinated by the specific atmosphere of a place. For example the bustling and very uncorporate feel of Essaouira. Life: This could be […]